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Mobile, Alabama (Road Trip-First Stop)

Our two week road trip started with a stop at Mobile, Alabama. The drive is about 10 hours and a half from our home. It was the perfect stop on our way to Fayetteville, Arkansas (which is approximately a 21 hour drive with kids probably 24 hours). Our mindset was to make a stop, rest, recover and continue our journey.

Ideally we would have left very early around 5 AM. However, the days leading up to our departure were brutal. Ashley caught a cold and then passed it onto Adeline. So that 5 AM departure never happened. We left our home at around 12:57 PM and arrived in Mobile, Alabama at approximately 2:15 AM which was really 3:15 AM our time in FL. Our total drive time was a little over 14 hours with all of the rest stops, diaper changes, feedings, etc. To be honest, it was a lot more difficult that we anticipated.

Where we stayed in Mobile, Alabama?

We decided to rent an airbnb guest house for our stay. It was just really convenient for us as we were just going to sleep there for a few hours and continue our journey. It was important to have the privacy that we wouldn't get in a hotel but the peace of mind that we were not alone at the time of arrival since we knew we would possibly be arriving rather late.

Below you will find the airbnb we booked.

Jennie was a great and flexible host. She made our stay an awesome one. We felt extremely welcome and comfortable. She left a message on the mini fridge along with snacks to welcome us. Overall the place was very clean and they took their time to decorate with taste and detail. I would definitely recommend this studio/guest house if you are visiting Mobile, Alabama.

Where to eat?

We were not there long enough to try many eateries. However, there is one place that is a MUST! We have had beignets in New Orleans and I will tell you this hidden gem in Mobile, Alabama is even better!!!! The flavor, freshness and syrups at Mo'Bay Beignet Co. are delicious! They have a few locations, Mobile, Auburn and a few opening this year in Tuscaloosa, Hattiesburg and Orange Beach.

We ordered a 12 piece beignet with one of each syrups available (buttercream, cinnamon and lemon). Our favorite was hands down the buttercream syrup. I also had a cafe au lait which was pretty delicious and paired nicely with the beignets. If you are getting these to go like we did, get ready for a big mess. Haha. We had powdered sugar everywhere, but it was oh so worth it!

Check out our Youtube channel and/or Instagram for a better look at our Mobile, Alabama adventure.

Also check out this guide of the top 25 best things to do in Mobile, Alabama.

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