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Intentional, Meaningful and Practical Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Sunday is right around the corner and lots of us are quickly preparing for traditions and family fun. Whether you are preparing the carrots for the Easter bunny's arrival or popping out the egg dyeing kits; one thing is for certain celebrating the season with family makes it extra special.

Over the years, many Easter traditions have risen. Some old and some new. Some are regional, some are cultural and many vary from household to household. One thing we make sure to do every year is leave some treats for the Easter bunny and receiving an Easter basket with surprises. Have you ever wondered, where the basket tradition originated from? There are many theories of the origins. Some believe that baskets were filled with healthy foods that were taken to be blessed by a priest on Holy Saturday before the end of Lent. Others believe that the baskets originated in Germany where the "Easter Hare" left goodies for children. Another interpretation is that the tradition began by farmers who brought seedlings in a basket to be blessed. The hopes were that they would have a bountiful season. Have you heard of another story of origin? If you have, please leave us a comment below.

Throughout the years we have added all sorts of random things to Ashley's Easter Basket. Many of which end up getting tossed or donated. Last year, I tried to put more intent into her basket and add items that were meaningful. This year I planned to be more practical. It's okay to change it up year to year. After all there is only so many things you can add on.

Below I have rounded up some ideas to make basket gifting more intentional, meaningful and practical.

Resurrection Eggs

These eggs offer children a wonderful hands on resource to learn about Jesus Resurrection story. The set brings 12 brightly colored plastic eggs that you can open to reveal miniature symbols of Easter. It also includes a booklet to help explain the significance of each object.

Personalized Wooden Prayer Charm

We absolutely love Pearls and Twine heart wooden prayer charm. She even has the option to have it made in acrylic. We love that It gives the perfect touch to any bedroom. It is the perfect addition to a basket.

Believe it or not this was key to Ashley learning to do her prayer on her own every night before bed.

Seasonal Pajamas

We are all for seasonal pajamas. I am enjoying matching the girls while I can! Haha. This is such a great item to add to any Easter Basket. We love that it is something practical that the kids will use multiple times and be excited about. Carters, Old Navy and Burts Bees on Amazon has many great options.


This is the first year adding swimsuits to the baskets. Truth be told, I wanted to add items I was going to purchase for the girls regardless. I love that swimsuits are something that they will use often throughout Spring and Summer. Target has so many great last minute options. Especially if you are trying to match little ones.


This is another item that is great year round! The bullseye spot at Target had so many fun options and I was able to get my hands on some of the white flower sunnies that some of our IG friends shared. At $1 a piece, this is a great basket filler that is practical and cute.

Sun Hats

With the temperatures warming and lots more time outdoors, sun hats are another practical basket add on. It is nice that these can also be used throughout Spring and the Summer.


A basket would not be complete without a book! Whether you want to include a seasonal book or one that is themed towards something your child loves. For example, Ashley is super into dinosaurs. So, of course we would opt for a Dino book for her. I have been enjoying reading Adeline a specific series of books so I found another one to add on to her collection. I used to do themed books. However, I truly do not like that they sit on the shelf for 11 months out of the year.

There is one book that is themed and can be used year round that we do love which we included in Ashley's basket last year. The Biblical Legends Alphabet Book.

Toy Or Memorabilia

Selecting one toy that each kiddo will surely love is a great add on. We selected a fun Jurassic Park themed item to be added to Ashley's new Dino collectible bookshelf. For Adeline we chose an appropriate developmental toy we believe she will get tons of use out of.

An Experience

You can never go wrong with an experience to spend quality time as a family doing something fun. We are huge fans of Tinez Farms. They are having an incredible fun filled weekend to celebrate Easter. From photos with the Easter Bunny to Glow in the dark egg hunts. There is so much they have planned. Plus the farm within itself is a great experience to celebrate the Spring season. You can purchase the tickets and add them to any basket.

Use code GAMEOFMOMS for a special discount!

Leave a comment below if we missed something that you feel other parents may find useful.



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