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Gender Reveal Details: We Are Having Another Girl!

Blood Work and Genetic Testing

I had genetic testing and gender blood work done. The genetic testing is very informative as it gives you more information about your body, any possible genetic issues. It also offers you peace of mind. The week and a half waiting for the results I was very anxious. I truly did not have a preference for gender this time around. I just wanted our baby to be well and healthy. I actually met with my OBGYN for the results and he was so kind. He truly has the best bed side manners. He assured me everything came back perfect and baby was growing healthy. I could breathe easily again with the news! He did mention that one of the next big things would be the anatomy scan. This scan is done typically between 19 to 21 weeks.

That day I also received the envelope with Baby Ducos gender, (we didn’t peek, I promise! Haha) We visited Fairchild (which we love) and then dropped off the envelope at my cousins house.

She was going to be in charge of getting the confetti/smoke poppers for the reveal. The reveal date was a little over two weeks later. It took place on Palm Sunday.

The Gender Reveal

Due to the pandemic, we decided we would do a virtual gender reveal with just some immediate family present. We didn’t really have a theme. It was just us getting together in person and virtually with some of the people that we truly love most. Almost everyone thought we were expecting a boy. Only a few were right when that pink color came bursting. Haha.

What I Would Do Differently

If you decide to go the virtual route the way we did, I recommend having some interactive element. Our zoom video call was about nineteen minutes long. Although it seems like a little bit of time, it wasn’t. I think our friends/family would have loved a guessing game or something they could enjoy as they waited for the big reveal. Pinterest has a ton of “old wives tales” games. Your guests can guess what your preferences have been up to the date of the gender reveal and in turn guess what your having. Or you can just be a little more organized than we were. Haha.

Below I am sharing deets on a few other things.

Balloons: PARTY CITY Pink Star Balloons ; Blue Star Balloons ; The 24 inch pink and blue balloon along with the string attachment are also from party city. However, I was unable to link them.

Balloon Weights: Bubble Weight Balloon Weights in Pink and Blue ; These were good. However, the wind was very strong and moved the balloons a lot.

Confetti Poppers: Poof There It Is 32" Confetti Powder x 2 ; 24" Confetti Powder x 2 ; Mona Confetti Gender Pop

Ashleys Dress: Floral Long Sleeve Tulle Dress ; She picked out her dress and loved it. It was very comfortable. She kept it on the whole day, which to me is a mom win!

Ashleys Bow: Bella Girl Bows

My Dress: Lavender Chiffon Long Sleeve Pleated Maternity Maxi Dress

My Earrings: Haus of Laura Reign Earrings

Jays Shirt, Shorts and Shoes: Dockers Men's Straight Fit Chino Short

Makeup: Mildrex from MV_Makeupstyle

Oh Baby Sign: Wooden Cutout Sign

Flower Backdrop Wall: Posh Petals Miami

Photography and Videography: J Blanco Photography

Cake: Publix Bakery

Cake Topper: Glitter Boy or Girl

Macarons: dBakers Sweet Studio

Food: Lasagna and Pizza (super simple and delicious)

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