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Feed The Shark Activity

This was such a fun math activity for shark week!

I combined two worksheet activities for some fun with gold fish!

The shark teeth addition created by Heidi Butkus from Heidi Songs I found on teachers pay teachers.

The feed the shark activity created by Adree from the Keele Deal.

These two worksheets were perfect together. Ashley had a math-tastic good time.

What you'll need for this activity :

  1. Shark Addition worksheet by Heidi Songs (You can get your copy by visiting

  2. Feed The Shark math activity worksheet (You can get your copy by visiting the Keele Deal)

  3. Goldfish

  4. Crayons (Optional)

  5. Container for goldfish (Optional)

Now, you are ready to go!

First, I decided to cut up the shark addition worksheet into individuals. Ashley is 3 and I wanted to make sure she did not feel overwhelmed by so many math equations.

Then, I asked that she select which math problem she wanted to tackle first. Once she selected it, we placed it next to the feed the shark template and she began.

Ashley, would feed the shark the the top number of goldfish and add the bottom number of goldfish.

Once she had fished adding, she would count the total number of goldfish she had fed the shark.

Once she was done counting, she would write the number on the printable. Some numbers she did well, others she needs some work on. That is okay. This is a learning and growing process. It is important that your little engages in fun when learning. Don't be too hard on them or yourself.

Ideally, you would want to add the total number of teeth to the shark. However, I lost Ashley's attention when she decided she wanted to dig in and eat all those goldfish!

Ashley then said she wanted to color in the sharks... so that is what she is currently working on as I write this post.

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