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Back To School Bedding Refresh With Morning Bird

Does anyone else feel as if the summer is flying by? I feel as if we blinked and are already in July! Before we know it, it'll be August. Back to school season here we come!

Ashley is off to Kindergarten this year and her love of dinosaurs continues to grow. She is head on with her desire to one day become a paleontologist. We love nurturing her passion for all things Dinos.

Last month we revamped a corner in her room and geared towards the dinosaur theme. So, we were super excited when Morning Bird gifted us their new Jurassic World bedding set.

The organic sheet set and pillowcase has a super fun pattern including a brachiosaurus, triceratops, stegosaurus and velociraptor. The sheets are soft and woven from pure organic cotton that appears durable and cozy.

The organic cotton duvet cover and shams bring together this prehistoric bedding adventure! The cool camouflage pattern includes a distressed dinosaur graphic. The shams feature a super detailed bold triceratops. Perfect for any future paleontologist to dream about all the fossils they will one day discover. Haha.

For extra layers of fun, the 100% cotton knit throw is versatile and perfect for room accent or on the go fun. We foresee this getting a lot of couch and car cozy action.

Morning Bird has a wide collection for different styles. What is even better is that they are having an incredible Fourth of July weekend sale. Head over to their page for a 30% off site wide.

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